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Whitelist an Email Address

The following is a walkthrough explaining how to check your SPAM mailbox using Web Mail and also how to WHITELIST an email address that you want to receive email from:

Click on the Webmail link on the left hand side of the page. In the new window, enter your EMAIL ADDRESS then enter your PASSWORD

tech picture
tech picture

Select the SPAM folder mailbox. This will open the SPAM folder. Your SPAM mailbox stores all email message from senders who did not successfully meet the level of Spam control your have chosen.

tech picture

From this step you can review, move to another folder, delete or WHITELIST an email. If an email you would like to receive has been trapped to this spam folder, then email sender has failed several tests that caused this email to be sent to the Spam folder. If you would rather receive this email to your inbox then you may WHITELIST this sender.
Select (highlight) the email you want to whitelist

tech picture

You have selected an email from a sender, just click on SAVE ADDRESS.
The EMAIL ADDRESS will now beWHITELISTED, Regardless of any Spam level you select the email from this email address will be sent to your inbox,

tech picture

To check that the email has been added to your whitelist select the CONTACTS button

tech picture

On your Contact list you should now see the email address you just added. You may also add, modify or delete other addresses manually. Just enter the address below then select ADD

tech picture

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