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Marsh Realty

First WorldConnX tower at Titusville Opportunity Park

WorldConnX, Inc. came into existence in April 2003 when we took over the Internet division of The Byte Shoppe Computer Center. We retained the same individuals and the same high quality of service, just a change of the name.

Our goal continues to be to provide our customers with the most up-to-date technical equipment and support. We were the first local Internet service provider of both Dial Up and Wireless Internet access and continue to strive to be the first to provide you with new technologies as they become available. Our service includes free email virus protection in order to prevent our customers from costly virus damage to their computers. We also filter out spam so our customers are not continually annoyed by unwanted emails that fill up their email boxes.

WorldConnX is a local progressive company on the cutting edge of the latest technology that allows businesses to compete globally and individual users to enjoy the benefits of the most up to date Internet service. We are a local business that continues a tradition of personal, high quality and friendly service to our customers. We believe in supporting our local organizations, charities and businesses. Our dedication to our customers is returned to us by the wonderful comments and the support we have received from them. In this world of corporate giants who don't have a sense of the needs of their individual customers it is gratifying to remain small enough to know most of our customers by name and have them greet us by name and to be able to help them on an individual basis. Our goal will always be to remain small enough to care, yet large enough to provide the best service.

436 N. Center Street
Corry, PA 16407

Monday through Friday - 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday - closed
Sunday - closed

Phone - 814-664-7805 or 888-462-0396
Fax - 814-664-4579

Email -

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